Preventative Hygiene

Family Dentistry, Delivering Confident Smiles

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Family Dentistry, Delivering Confident Smiles

Preventative Hygiene

At Wihlm Dental an Initial Oral Exam is the first appointment for each new patient. The initial exam includes a visual exam, oral cancer screening, TMJ evaluation, tooth charting, periodontal assessment, diagnosis, and comprehensive treatment recommendations.

Protect Your Oral Health with Preventative Hygiene

Preventative hygiene is the secret to protecting or improving your oral health. At Wihlm Dental, we are trained and committed to practicing the highest standard of preventative care.

We know that if we are able to catch dental problems early, we can work together to reverse or restore the problem before it turns into a larger problem. We care about your teeth and gums and we’ll make sure that you receive excellent dental treatment which will help you to enjoy better oral health and general health.

Principles of Preventative Hygiene

To enjoy superlative oral health, you need to take care of yourself! It all begins with regular brushing and daily flossing! We recommend brushing your teeth at least twice per day, for at least two minutes each time. Floss to remove any debris that your toothbrush may have missed. Actually, you may floss before or after you brush, or any time throughout the day. The sequence isn’t as important as the process itself.

It is important to use toothpaste with fluoride and a high-quality dental floss which glides easily. We don’t recommend one brand over another, just choose one that works well for you!

Self-care isn’t enough to effectively remove all the bacteria, so you should always schedule dental cleaning at least twice per year. When you let us clean your teeth, at least every six months, you’ll be investing in your own appearance, oral health and overall health. Our team will be able to diagnose any dental/oral health problems which may be present…and then create a sensible plan of action!

During preventative hygiene appointments, we also perform oral exams and use digital x-rays in order to see potential problems. We customize our recommendation for the frequency of x-rays for each patient. It’s is important for us not to expose you to radiation unnecessarily. In addition, we perform screenings for oral cancer at every hygiene appointment.

When you combine daily brushing and flossing with routine checkups at our clean and serene dental practice, you’ll be covering all of the bases. You’ll have a healthy smile, healthy gums and a healthy mouth!

We are a Comprehensive Dental Practice

If you need specific services, such as white composite fillings, dental hygiene, teeth whitening, dental crowns or bridges and cosmetic dentistry, you’ll find that we’re able to provide these services. Actually, this just scratches the surface! We take care of many dental problems for our patients and we also make dentures and do dental implant restorations.

In comprehensive dentistry, quite often, we must work with specialists who practice outside of our dental office. We have strong and positive relationships with many different specialists in the area and we will coordinate your treatment with them when it’s needed.

When you choose our practice, we will educate you to help you make informed decisions about your treatment. Also, you should know that our Oshkosh-based dental practice is affordable. We are pleased to offer caring and professional service to everyone who walks through our front door and we accept a variety of dental insurances. We also work with you to plan your treatment so it fits into your budget.

We serve the needs of patients of all ages. We strive to build great relationships with our patients based on trust, excellent preventative dental hygiene and personalized dental care.

Take Good Care of Your Smile

Your smile says so much about you. It’s your way of showing the world who you are. When you practice proper preventative hygiene, you’ll have a smile which pleases others and pleases you, too.

You deserve the best dental care, schedule your dental exam and cleaning at our office today! You’ll love the way your teeth, gums and mouth feel afterward and you’ll know that you’re doing what’s best for your oral health.

What Our Patients Have to Say

Winnie Jeffers

My experience was positive from beginning to end. I was able to fill out paperwork online before I arrived. Staff members were cordial and helpful. During my consultation, Dr. Wihlm gave me accurate and specific dental information related to my situation, while honoring my personal questions and concerns. As a new resident of Oshkosh, I am very happy to be able to take "find a new dentist" off my list.

Colleen Andres

Dr. Wihlm is a kind and caring dentist. My experience has always been pleasant. The staff is wonderful and friendly. I enjoy the small personal touches too, like a blanket and the massage feature on the chair.

Carley Smith

My 1.5 year old had his first appointment today with the staff at Wihlm Dental.
From the moment we walked into the door, I felt extremely welcome! They knew my sons name without me even needing to tell them.
Dr. Wihlm ( personally and professionally) is an amazing person!
Her practice is 100% family friendly , and I will Recommend it to everyone!

Ryan Albers

The whole team at Wihlm is wonderful. My family and I always feel like we’re walking into a friends house when we go there. Hailey H is, hands down, the best hygienist I’ve ever had. I always recommend people go to Wihlm.