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Family Dentistry, Delivering Confident Smiles

Oshkosh, WI

Family Dentistry, Delivering Confident Smiles

Get Your Confident Smile with Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Cosmetic dentistry means something different to every patient. When you choose Wihlm Dental, we’ll give you a voice by talking with you about what you want.

Some patients are looking for brighter, whiter teeth. Others want straighter teeth, bonding, veneers or white fillings to replace their old silver fillings. We take pleasure in transforming the smiles of our patients for the better by performing expert cosmetic dental procedures.

Most of these services are available right at our practice. However, you should know that we have a team of specialists available to offer other services if they are required. If you want a smile which makes you feel more self-confident, you’ll love our cosmetic dentistry services.


Access Caring Service from Our Team

At Wihlm Dental, our patients really matter! This is why we want to help you access optimal oral health, along with a truly beautiful smile. To achieve this goal, we provide a host of dental services, including the most modern and effective cosmetic dentistry services. How our teeth look often affects our own sense of self-esteem. With the power of cosmetic dentistry, we help our patients to feel their best.

A great smile will boost your self-confidence and please the people around you. It will help you to connect with others and put your best foot forward in life. Everyone deserves  that confident smile they have been looking for.

Now, let’s look at the cosmetic dental services that we provide. One or more of them is bound to be just right for you!

Choose Your Preferred Service

Teeth Whitening

Now and then, brushing and flossing regularly just isn’t enough to keep teeth pearly white! When this is the case, teeth whitening services can be the solution. When you schedule this service through our practice, we’ll put together a take-home bleaching system for you which is very simple to use and which offers rewarding results, while also being safe for your teeth and gums. If you are looking for quicker results, we can even start your bleaching treatment in our office.

Porcelain Veneers

Our veneers are crafted with care for every patient. These custom veneers feature porcelain facings which look amazingly natural and beautiful!

When you choose our practice, our experienced doctor can add one or more veneers to your teeth, giving you a stunningly attractive smile, provided you are a good candidate for veneers. Veneers are generally placed on anterior teeth to improve the way they look. They are a great way to mask imperfections, including chips and staining, and they may also be utilized to reshape teeth or improve overall tooth function.

Tooth Bonding and White Fillings

Bonding is utilized to replace tooth structures in just one office visit. The bonding consists of a filling material which is tooth-colored. It may be used to close the gaps between two or more teeth. It’s also perfect for replacing the broken corners of teeth, small chips in your teeth or changing tooth color or shape.

White fillings provide a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance. These fillings can replace silver fillings. Silver fillings are also known as amalgam fillings and some patients want to replace them due to health concerns which relate to mercury content in the amalgam material or just because they don’t like the way silver fillings look.

Request an Appointment

If you are unsure of which service is right for you, call our office and we can help! We can schedule a consultation for you and Dr. Wihlm will look at your teeth and make an expert recommendation.

When you choose us, we’ll make sure that you get exceptional results. As well, we’ll make certain that you’re as comfortable as possible during your cosmetic dentistry procedure. We are here to make life better for our patients, from the first interaction to the final follow-up. So, why not connect with us today? We want you to have that confident smile you deserve.

What Our Patients Have to Say

Winnie Jeffers

My experience was positive from beginning to end. I was able to fill out paperwork online before I arrived. Staff members were cordial and helpful. During my consultation, Dr. Wihlm gave me accurate and specific dental information related to my situation, while honoring my personal questions and concerns. As a new resident of Oshkosh, I am very happy to be able to take "find a new dentist" off my list.

Colleen Andres

Dr. Wihlm is a kind and caring dentist. My experience has always been pleasant. The staff is wonderful and friendly. I enjoy the small personal touches too, like a blanket and the massage feature on the chair.

Carley Smith

My 1.5 year old had his first appointment today with the staff at Wihlm Dental.
From the moment we walked into the door, I felt extremely welcome! They knew my sons name without me even needing to tell them.
Dr. Wihlm ( personally and professionally) is an amazing person!
Her practice is 100% family friendly , and I will Recommend it to everyone!

Ryan Albers

The whole team at Wihlm is wonderful. My family and I always feel like we’re walking into a friends house when we go there. Hailey H is, hands down, the best hygienist I’ve ever had. I always recommend people go to Wihlm.